In Miami, when the temps go up, the tops come down… on the convertibles, of course!  There’s nothing quite as freeing as the sea breeze whipping your hair while you cruise the causeway to Key Biscayne. The only thing you need is the perfect ride!


At, you can find the best selection of pre-owned vehicles like this Jaguar F Type for under $34,000. The website is incredibly easy to navigate with so many options and information available at your fingertips. Even the most luxurious cars come with affordable price tags and that’s my favorite way to shop!


Test driving this convertible made me feel like a million dollars. Miami is such a picturesque city with gorgeous views at every turn. A beautiful convertible like this one is the perfect way to explore. I could feel the sun on my skin, smell the ocean air and hear the waves crashing. The interior is beautifully designed with attention to every detail including the comfort of the seats.  Driving your dream car doesn’t feel like such a distant dream thanks to



Jaguar F Type convertible, under $34,000




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