One of my goals for 2019 was to completely redecorate my home office + YouTube studio. My old space was cluttered, disorganized and not functional at all. It was supposed to be a spare bedroom where I could also film, but it became a catchall area for storage and unused items. The majority of the furniture was left over from my very first apartment after college and I even kept two side tables from my college days. Needless to say, I reached a tipping point and knew I needed to take action. It wasn’t going to sort itself out so it was up to me to design a plan, borrow some power tools and get to work!



I wanted a fully functional home office + YouTube studio that showcased my personality and inspired my creativity. It took nearly two and a half months to complete and I spent roughly $1,200 but it was worth every penny. The new space has a warm, inviting energy and fits all of my needs. Now, I love spending time in this room whereas before, I hated my workspace.



The pink sofa was my very first purchase followed by the gold desk and Hollywood makeup vanity mirror. My favorite pieces of the room are the bar cart and the CHANEL couture road sign. The bar cart is so much fun because you can really show your personality. I created a candy bar on top and cocktail bar on the bottom, added some fresh flowers and candles and voila! There are endless possibilities when accessorizing your home office bar cart and the best part is it’s easy to change.



The Oliver Gal wall art is the perfect addition to my new room because it serves as a constant source of inspiration. I chose CHANEL for obvious reasons but I loved the road sign because it’s symbolic to me of where I started on my YouTube journey and where I’m going in the future. There are so many beautiful couture designs, you really can’t go wrong with any of the pieces from The Oliver Gal.





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