The greatest gift we can give ourselves is self-care. We spend so much of our time focused outward e.g. work, the news, nurturing others that we forget to look inward. One of the simplest ways we can care for our bodies is by elevating our skincare routine. After all, our skin is the largest organ of the body and it’s also our primary defense against illness. Here are some great ways to detoxify your skin after the stressful, indulgent holiday season that will kick-start your health and wellness in the new year!


Detoxify your skin with water. This is an easy one! By now everyone knows that we should be drinking 8 x 8 oz glasses of water a day but how many of us actually do? It feels like a chore to drink that much water! I’m guilty of trying to swap water for coffees but my favorite way to stay on track is to carry a cute water bottle with me everywhere I go. I’ve also incorporated water into my morning and bedtime routine. When I wake up, before making coffee I pour an 8 oz glass of room temperature water and add some greens. My favorites are the 8 Greens, Perricone MD Super Greens (both available at Nordstrom and Amazing Grass from Whole Foods. Before bed I do the same thing except I add a sleep aid like Dream Dust. Tip: Let the water sit for a minute or two after you’ve stirred so the ingredients can “bloom” and you get the full effect of their benefits. Staying hydrated will keep your skin looking fresh and the antioxidant boost will help protect against free radicals!


Detoxify your skin with a weekly mask. During the holidays we’re too busy rushing to get ready to do anything extra for ourselves. Come January, the stress, lack of sleep and excessive eating and drinking shows on our faces. My favorite detox mask right now is from an all natural brand based out of Los Angeles called Arcona. The Magic Black Ice Exfoliating Mask for day or night is the perfect way to brighten and smooth texture. I use this mask once a week or anytime I feel like my skin needs a little extra love. Sometimes I find that I’m trying to do so much in one day, week or month that I don’t even realize how tired I am until I see the effects on my face. Not only is the mask good for my skin, but it forces me to make time to sit and relax for a few minutes to myself.



Detoxify your skin with a great workout for the body, mind and spirit! Whether you like to run, lift weights, do yoga or take classes, a great sweat session will help your skin look it’s best! Sweating helps cleanse your skin and rejuvenate your mind and spirit which may help prevent stress induced breakouts. My skin is always glowing after a great yoga class, or long walk outside connecting with nature. My favorite way to detox my skin is to spin for 50 minutes, follow that up with lots of water or a green juice and finish off with a warm bath with essential oils. There are some amazing, all natural bath soaks now available at Nordstrom including Pursoma, African Botanics and Aromatherapy Associates.




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