There’s no place more magical than New York City in the winter. The temperatures may be chilly but the energy is on fire. Between the holiday decorations, lights and window displays, there’s something beautiful to see around every corner. I feel so connected to NYC because just like Miami, you can never be overdressed. The streets are filled with men and women suited up in their most stylish ensembles, ready to take on the world. On a recent trip, I partnered with one of my favorite boutiques, The Stylish Edit and Kevin Tun Photography to showcase some of my favorite trends for the season in this YouTube video.



We created this lookbook at the New York Public Library and Brant Park. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or better locations to shoot since they’re right next to each other. The park was hosting the annual Christmas Village, a whimsical arts and crafts fair with holiday treats and keepsakes. The NYPL is one of my favorite landmarks, made famous by the first Sex in the City movie but grand and elegant in its own right.




Shop the look…


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