Holiday parties are the highlight of my year. I always look forward to reconnecting with friends and family, eating the fanciest foods and sipping the most delicious cocktails. I love shopping for the perfect presents, wrapping them in the prettiest paper and sticking them under the tree. It’s a time for love, giving thanks and reflection… but also sequins, lots of sequins. Since the  “holidays” now represent this extended period of time somewhere between November and January where we collectively fit in as many activities as possible, it’s important to have a few costume changes depending on your strength of schedule (oh yes, the holidays are also when I’m forced to pay attention to college football).

This year, along with Thanksgiving travels to New York City (blog posts coming soon), Art Basel in Miami (blog post coming soon) we have the Bacardi holiday party, several blogger events and Christmas at our place. Whew! It truly is a sprint to the finish line and we don’t even have New Years Eve plans yet… which is why I personally ordered a few things to have for those last-minute occasions. I hope this little wish list gives you some outfit “inspo” for your holiday lineup so that the anxiety of picking out the perfect dress doesn’t overshadow the joy of the season. Cheers to a sequin-filled last few weeks of 2017!



Shop the Holiday Dress Look Book…



Holidays shoes and accessories to come later tonight… I have to run to an event! lol


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