The secret is there is no secret to beating the heat in Florida. In Miami, the June/July/August weather is not playing around. It’s hot, it’s humid, end of story. We do our best to stay cool and dry but there’s no beating Mother Nature. Instead, we look for ways to make our lives a little less soggy and sun-drenched like sunscreen, wide-brimmed hats and loose-fitting summer whites, which is exactly why I picked up this wide-legged jumpsuit from Nordstrom. The brand is Socialite and the material is lightweight but not too sheer. It goes with everything and the bright white color enhances even a slight sun tan.

Styled with black CHANEL sunnies, this one piece wonder is as close to keeping cool for the summer as a girl can hope for when the temps are out of control. Below are some of my favorite summer whites from Nordstrom to help you achieve the same quintessential Miami style. Yacht not included.

NORDSTROM - Shop Bobbi Brown Beauty


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