This summer’s best beauty collection award goes to Lancome, hands down. There have been some great new launches from Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Nars and more, but none have been as comprehensive and colorful as Lancome and no one is more surprised than me. The star of the collection is the bronzer/blush palette that comes in two options, one for lighter skin tones and one for darker skin tones. I opted for the darker palette based on the bold blushes in the center. Summertime calls for electric pink and bright coral-orange hues and as long as you are light-handed, even the fairest of cheeks can rock this palette.

The waterproof eyeliners are amazing for the waterline and truly do not budge once dried. The cream eye shadows are very easy to use and blend seamlessly with powder shadows. The lipstick Nuit et Jour might be my favorite pale pink nude for summer. It’s a sheer formula which I usually shy away from, but the hydration and light pigment are actually a beautiful compliment to the rest of the collection.

The reason this collection speaks to me so much is because of the festive “bohemian” tribal print packaging and the vibrant blue jewel tones. Since it was inspired by the beach, it makes perfect sense to include bronze and gold earth tones like the sand and sapphire blues to represent the ocean. The luminous blue and green nail polishes and eyeliners remind me of a mermaid’s tail. In other words, I’m pretty positive that if a mermaid wore makeup she would choose this collection.

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