I’ve been doing some major spring cleaning in my closet recently and to be perfectly honest, few things in life bring me as much pleasure. It takes a few days of focus and dedication along with a bullet proof plan to actually get rid of the items that need to go (instead of leaving them in a giant pile in the corner) but the best part of organizing all the shoes, accessories and clothes is making room for new items! I recently spent some time shopping the latest spring trends at Nordstrom Coral Gables where I work as a Beauty Stylist.










Some of my favorite items that I picked up for the season so far include this Missguided bardot dress that I already blogged about, this Gucci belt with the old logo which I love so much more than the new ‘GG’ logo, the cream body suit is from Topshop has easily become a go-to item to wear under jeans for a casual day out or with a skirt for a work appropriate outfit, these black jeans are also from Topshop and could not be more comfortable… I also bought a few beauty items that I just couldn’t resist!



I ordered a few other pieces so I’m patiently waiting for those to arrive… There’s something about the change of seasons that makes me feel so refreshed and renewed, of course, a little wardrobe update always helps too!


Shop the look…




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